About Us
From the very beginning, we have designed and manufactured luggage in our own backyard. This allows us to put prototypes into production very quickly and ensure that the product is manufactured just right.
Individualized Production
There is no mass production in our humble workshop. We personalize our production process and make small batches to deliver the products you order. This helps us reduce waste and allows us to focus on delivering a quality product.
High-grade materials
We use top-quality materials to make your bags and cases. We cut them from sturdy ballistic nylon, durable waxed canvas and premium full-grain leather. We use more expensive unbreakable self-locking zippers, sturdy D-rings and oversized magnets to secure the flap.
Neat design
We eliminate clutter with a simple, focused design. We pay attention to how the bag hangs on you and how the case protects your devices, making them lightweight and easy to access.
Our bags are both stylish and functional for today’s digital world. Many bags have two padded compartments for laptops and tablets, as well as easy-to-reach cell phone pockets that are now used as wallets and door keys. These bags make a positive first impression.
Products that fit your lifestyle
We make products to meet a specific need, not to create a lifestyle. If our products fit your lifestyle, we’re happy.
Our bags are built to last for professional and casual environments. They can withstand the rigors of traveling, commuting or just hanging around.
Now that you know our story, we want to know yours too!