Louis Vuitton’s Vivienne Holidays 2022 Collection Has Arrived Online


Louis Vuitton 2022 Vivienne CollectionPHOTO COURTESY OF LOUIS VUITTON

With the holiday season fast approaching, fashion houses are starting to release their festive capsule collections. Leading the way is theAnnual Louis Vuitton Vivienne Holidayscollection, with the 2022 iteration showing the house mascot visiting flagship boutiques around the world. There will be four exclusive prints onDamierandMonogram Canvasyearn.

In the first, Vivienne rides a bicycle in front of the boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris. She then hails a yellow cab as she leaves the New York Soho boutique, numerous shopping bags in hand. The third shows Vivienne in the fashion-forward boutique in Seoul, before ending in Tokyo with sleek LV lanterns and Mount Fuji alongside.

Expect to find them on a variety of accessories and SLGs in the digital pre-release ahead of store arrivals. Two key highlights areMini Pochette Accessories(1300 SGD) andFelicie Pochette, which some use as a miniature handbag.

The bags also abound. These range fromVictorina Wallet(SGD1000) toZippy Wallet(SGD765), both compact options for everyday use. Traveling soon? The classic Louis Vuitton passport cover (SGD 570) is a must-have, along with silk accessories like the bandeau (SGD 380) andSquare 90(SGD730) in colorful patterns.

The collection also includes beautiful gift ideas for friends and loved ones. Consider picking up the bag/keychain charm (SGD510) andClemence Notebook($425). Or zoom in on the pencil bag (SGD770) andCover of the notebook Paul(SGD915) that literally add character to any desktop.

A true collector and fan of Vivienne? Then be sure to get these four exclusive prints atVivienne Vacationcollection.

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